Custom Designed Fine Art Books

There’s something special about holding a photograph in your hands. It connects you physically to a time, a place, and a feeling—an experience that an image on a screen simply can’t replicate.

Of course, digital files are beautiful and certainly have their place. But a print or custom album are tangible heirlooms you’ll pass down for generations, providing a connection to your wedding day that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Book : canyon book cloth with brown debossing

Slip cover : pink lemonade with red debossing


A museum quality art book - the custom-designed book features ideally fits 120-150 images over 50 spreads. The quality of the book itself is unparalleled, printed on thick archival matte paper and bound in your choice of leather, book cloth velvet and debossing styles.

Available Sizes :

6"x8" Vertical


9"x12” Vertical

  • a maximum of 50 spreads (100 pages) / approximately 120-150 images
  • Printed with archival ink on fine art paper - a museum quality art book - each spread is 20 mil (.5 mm) thick.
  • Spreads lay flat
  • Choose from linen, silks, velvet, leather & vegan leather covers
  • Embossing on cover

You can view samples of both the square & vertical designs by clicking the button below to help let you decide what format you prefer.

Jade velvet with blind debossing




For enhanced protection of your book, I recommend considering the addition of a slipcover or clam shell box to your order for a nominal extra charge.

Expertly crafted by hand to fit your book's design, they are also fully customizable with a range of options to match your book's design or create a unique color scheme.

Design choices

In order to get started on your album design, please review the design choices below to make your choices of the following. You will be able to submit your selections on a form at the bottom of this page.

1. Album size : 10x10" Square / 9x12" Vertical

2. Cover Material : Leather, book cloth or velvet color

3. Cover Text : The text you would like on the cover. This will be debossed on cover - your names, wedding date, a quote, song lyrics etc

4. Text Color : Choose a color foil or blind deboss

5. Cover Font : Select a font below or email me any inspiration (like your wedding invitation proof as a PDF)


Book Cloth

Our high quality Book Cloth is durable and comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s also incredibly versatile. When paired with custom designed embossing, Book Cloth can range from casual to elegant. You will see the cloth fabric swatches listed as coated or uncoated. Uncoated is a more natural finish, usually softer. While coated is aqueous coated to protect against stains and spills.

Uncoated Book Cloth

Asahi Linen Blend

Natural Cannoli

Natural Toasted Marshmallow


Canapetta Tan

Canapetta Natural

Asahi Blue Mohair

Asahi Soft Blue Gold

Asahi Turquoise Blue

Asahi Marine Blue

Asahi Indigo

Asahi Navy

Asahi Sage Green

Canapetta Black

Canapetta Gray

Elephant Ears

Caribbean Punch

Asahi Graphite

Canapetta Burgundy

Canapetta Red

Pink Lemonade

Dragon Fruit


Asahi Eggplant

Asahi Marigold




Asahi Terracotta



Golden Pear

Coated Book Cloth

Almond Brittle



Pumpkin Pie

Candy Foil

Rock Candy

Black Cherry


Atomic Sugar


Red Licorice



Chewy Fudge

Chocolate Truffle

Carrot Cake

Candy Apple

Red Velvet Cake

Pistachio Ice Cream


Cranberry Cocktail

Blue Jelly Bean



Mint Chip

Silver Icing

Soda Pop

Black Licorice


Blueberry Streusel


Blueberry Pie




The Velvet material has a luxurious shimmer and texture.

Please note, blind debossing is the only option available for velvet covers.


Rose Quartz


Pink Topaz


Fire Opal


Emerald Green


Blue Topaz

Black Pearl


Cafe Leather

Café Leather delivers the rich statement of leather in soft and familiar tones.

Bonded Leather, top coated for finish.

Cinnamon Spice Red

French Roast Dark Brown

Vanilla Latte

Espresso Black

Caramel Latte Light Brown

Mocha Medium Brown

Rustic Leather

Rustic Leather is a blend of luxury and rural charm -with more ‘aggressive’ textures. This is a soft leather so it will show ‘rustic’ marks and does show scratches easily which adds to the rustic / worn feel over time.

Bonded leather, top coated for finish and stamped for texture.

Almond Butter


Bomber Jacket




Debossing Foils

A stamp (a design) into the surface of an object so that it is indented.



Rose Gold



Blue Metallic

Red Metallic

Red Matte


Purple Metallic

Black Matte

Royal Blue

Gray Matte

Chocolate Brown




Please select one below or send me the Font Install file.

Tip : You can type your own words in to see what it looks like




Bambi + Faline

Wilma + Fred

Cosmo + Wanda

Homer & Marge

Bert & Ernie


The Design Process

Step 1 :

Decide if you would prefer the fine art book in either the 10×10” (square) size or the 9×12” (vertical) size.

Step 2 :

You submit your favorite images using your proofing gallery (there is a love heart symbol to select favorites) OR let me do the initial design based off my favorites of the day – curious to know which my favorites are? They are the ones included in the slideshow. If you are having a hard time making a selection, even send me your top 30 must haves and I can take care of the rest of the selection. Once I get the go ahead to start the design, I will design a first draft and upload it online for you to review.

Step 3 :

You view the draft and are welcome to request any design changes. We can go back & forth on the draft 3 times making changes. After 3 rounds of changes there will be an additional fee of $100 per set. (but I’ve never had to charge this as everything always looks great after 1-2 changes).

Step 4 :

Approval –  once all approved, I send you through a final draft to sign off on – you review and sign off on it to say it’s ready for print. Once I get back this back, I order the album.

Step 5 :

The book takes about 2 weeks to make – all hand made by book binders in the USA, it will then be shipped directly to you via UPS. I will update you with the tracking number once it’s on it’s way to you.



My biggest advice is don’t overthink things when it comes to image selection.  Your first instincts are probably right. The photographs you loved most the first time you saw your photos are a good place to start. If you are curious to know which are my favorites of the day – they appear in the highlights folder.

Although it’s important to have an overall sense of narrative, when illustrating the story of your wedding day, don’t feel like you need to include every single event/moment/person. Group photographs are mostly for family history purposes.  You don’t need every single combination we took on the day in the book.  One nice photograph of the whole family–perhaps on each side is all you really need. We like to be able to show who came out and celebrated you two tying the knot.  Years later, you’ll want to know who was there.


How many images to choose?

Around 120-150 is ideal if you are going with the fine art book option so the design does not end up too cluttered.


How do I submit the images?

The best way to select the images is to log in on to your gallery.  Once in your gallery, you can pick your selection by adding each image to your favorites by using the “Favorite” button / love heart symbol icon. Once you have made the final selection, email me saying you are complete and I can login to see your list and start the design.


I’ve submitted my favorites – what’s next?

Once I receive your favorite selection, I will start designing your book. I will do a draft layout to what I think looks good and tells the story of the day. Once this has been completed, I will upload the layout online and send you information to log in and view. Once you have received the login information to view your draft layout online, you will be able to make comments directly onto the website about any changes you would like made. This is the best time to be honest, if you don’t like the page at all, tell me so. Don’t worry I will not be offended if you don’t like it. You can come and go from this website as you please, your comments will be saved until you are ready to submit them. Once you submit your comments, we will then make all the necessary alterations. Re-upload your new layout and let you know so you can add your comments again. You get three opportunities to make changes. After that, each set of changes will cost $100.


Book Approval

Once the book design has been approved by you, I will send you a PDF proof to sign off on. Once that has been completed, I place the order for the book and it will take approximately 2 weeks before it gets shipped to you. If you are having trouble picking out favorites or life is just too busy to sit down to do it – I can always select the images for the book design (you will have the option to make changes obviously) Just let me know if you prefer this option.

Please use the below form to let me know what options you would like to go with.

A collection of my favorite photo book designs to help inspire & imagine different color combinations & text placement.


Cover Design Inspiration

Book Design Choices Form