Fete Magazine

Published in Fete Magazine. When I was back in Australia in December, I walked into a news agency and flicked through some magazines. To my surprise, I saw one of my weddings published in the beautiful Fete Magazine - Summer 2013 issue. I knew they were going to publish this wedding. I just forgot all about it and was by chance I picked up that exact issue. This feature is on Arlene & Jake's lovely backyard picnic wedding I photographed in Perth, Australia last February. Their ceremony and reception took place all on a tennis court. Picnic baskets full of bread and cheese and the yummiest pizza was served all evening. a perfect night!  I even got two images of me published on the last page (I'm the one in the blue dress holding the super 8 camera and my canon camera ;) Thanks to the talented Aimee Claire for shooting with me that day.