01. How do we book you?

I am represented by The Wedding Artists Collective who take care of my bookings and calendar, allowing me more time to pursue creative endeavors. In order to confirm your date, a retainer (50% of the accepted quote) is to be paid and a signed contract. The remainder is due 4 weeks before the wedding date. All bookings are taken care of electronically. 

02. Do you shoot digital or film?

I generally shoot a combination of the two - depending on the job at hand and the desires of the client. If you love film photography, I want to know. I always just use the best medium for the job at hand. Film is beautiful and I have a deep love and appreciate for it, but digital has many advantages too, so I generally blend the two.

03. Do you travel for weddings? Do you charge a travel fee?
I travel for most my weddings. We will provide you with a travel quote and all travel arrangements are booked by Samm Blake.
04. When do we get to see our photos?
I will have the final collection of photographs ready for you to view 10 weeks after your wedding date. Each image is individually edited with great care not something to be rushed.
05. Do you make wedding albums & sell prints?
Yes, each book is custom designed for each of my clients. You can purchase prints directly from your proofing gallery, along with many other beautifully curated products.
06. Do you work with second shooters / assistants?
I work on my own and with assistants &/or second photographers depending on the details and size of the wedding. Generally with weddings with a guest count over 120 guests I would recommend a second photographer, for less than, I feel confident photographing on my own. I will be able to give you my recommendation given your exact plans for your wedding and order of events. Another aspect to consider when making the choice of having a second shooter or not, is having a photograph of your outfit walking down the aisle from behind a must have photograph to you? I can only be in one place at a time, so a second photographer can be important if certain photographs like this is important to you (ie having your face & your outfit from behind photographed at the exact same time). For elopements & small weddings in NYC, I generally work on my own.
07. Do you have public liability insurance? backup gear?

Yes, of course. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance, please let me know so I can arrange it.

As for back up gear, I have a very large collection of cameras and always carry a backup when I am shooting, this also goes for lenses & lighting gear.

08. Can you help us with our timeline so we allow the right amount of time for photos etc?

Yes I am always helping my couples help with their wedding day timeline. Feel free to reach out to me anytime for help with this.

I have questions for you but are not listed here? Please reach out.

09. Can you recommend a videographer?

I think my style best suits videographers who shoot on super 8mm - its nostalgic and imperfect in the best possible way. I love the work of Laurel Wedding Films, Mark Brown and Max Cutrone.