Samm Blake Workshop, June 28 - 29 2016, NYC


Samm Blake Workshop, June 28 - 29 2016, NYC


Samm Blake Workshop

June 28 - 29, 2016

New York City



It’s a time to help you find your way as a photographer and give you the tools to create a photography business that will ultimately give you much happiness and freedom.

We will cover the topics that I think the most important in taking the steps into getting the right clients for you, which will ultimately make you create better work.


Over the two day workshop, we will covering many things I believe is important in the growth as a wedding photographer. Some of the items will be : 

–  What to showcase on our portfolios - how to have a clear voice so you attract the right clients - creating a step by step plan to strengthen your portfolio / blog / website.

– Learn how other people are perceiving your work. Is your portfolio attracting the right clients you want to work with?

– Discussing the mistakes we make when we become too emotionally attached to our own work and start to look at our work more objectively.

- Finding a strong consistent editing look to finish your photographs

– Identify the weaknesses in our work. We will be discussing common problem areas – from lens selection, bad lighting and selecting the right images to keep.

- Improving the experience you give your clients - from the first enquiry through to final product delivery. 

- Discussing ideas about our intentions into the WHY of photographing the way we do. 

- Building client expectations through client meetings - getting the clients you love. 

- Building a strong pricing structure.

- How to get noticed in the big ocean of wedding world - marketing yourself - getting your work published and noticed.

- Workflow - from booking a client through to displaying and sharing your images, from album design and image presentation.



- Questions - You can ask whatever questions you like - i’m an open book :)


How much does it cost to attend?

The ticket price is $1200 USD per person for the two day workshop, which includes your seat at the workshop, food, drinks and snacks. You are responsible for your own accommodation and making your way to & from the workshop each day.

Whats the location and times for each day?

The workshop goes from 10:30am - 7pm each day. 

The workshop will be in my home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (off the Graham stop).

My apartment has cats in it, while they will be hanging out in another room during the workshop, if you are severely allergic, I will have to recommend you come to a different workshop of mine outside of my apartment! 

What to bring? 

Your laptop (not absolutely essential but preferred), hard drives of complete weddings, your pricing, anything you show to clients.

What’s provided? 

Lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day  :)

How to book in?

A 50% retainer is due immediately in order to book your seat - the remainder 50% is due 4 weeks prior to the workshop. A final invoice will be sent out to you at this time.

If you purchase a seat and find you are in a position you are no longer able to attend, there are no refunds, but you are welcome to sell your seat to another person.


Please email directly with any questions. 

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