Artist Statement

I love to create pictures that tell stories. Weddings suit me perfectly as I am fascinated with exploring the connections we have with others in our lives. I love that I get to document people in their most honest and vulnerable moments.

I think it is best to describe my images as quiet little moments that capture the honesty and realness of a wedding day. What you will find are the interplays of glances, details and moments that help define the experience of a wedding, rather than a who’s who of attendance. My images are intimate and personal; I like to think they have a poetic simplicity to it all, rather than bombarding the frame with every element present. I am interested in the delicate interactions that I am able to capture that are able to describe the actuality of the lives I am capturing.

I see my work as a collaboration with my clients. I am not a strict journalist and only capturing what is there; I am capturing how I am feeling about it as well. When you are looking back on your wedding photographs, I want you to remember how it felt in those moments and how it felt to be at your wedding. 

I never ask my couples of anything that is not honest. I am only interested in the real smiles, real expressions and real emotions. I have learnt during my time as a photographer that my favorite images are created when there is a genuine communication between the person I am photographing and myself. The moment I love most at a wedding and where I think I create my best work, is when a person is able to let down their guard and is able to show a more honest, vulnerable side to themselves. I love the images I am able to create in these moments. My intention going into a wedding is to help create the space for my clients to be themselves amongst all the chaos and anxiety that takes part of wedding day, so when they look back on their photographs, they see an accurate depiction of themselves. But above anything and everything else, I want my couples to remember what they felt on their wedding day.